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A woman can become pregnant anytime she has sex.

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Q: What time a lady become pregnant?
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First time intercourse can a lady become pregnant?

Yes. A woman can become pregnant after her first time. It is an old myth that a woman can not become pregnant after the first time. Unless birth control was used properly, there is always a chance that she is pregnant.

Can a lady be pregnant if she is not ovulating?

If a lady is no longer ovulating then no eggs are being produced and therefore she can no longer become pregnant.

When is the safe time to have sexual intercourse?

If you mean to not conceive then no time is completely safe. A lady can become pregnant at any time. There is no such thing as a safe time.

Can a lady become pregnant if you lick or push her nipples?


How can a lady get the excat day that now can she get pregnant?

A lady, if she is fertile, can get pregnant at any time during her menstrual cycle.

Can you become pregnant the first time you have intercourse?

Yes, you can become pregnant the first time you have intercourse.

What resources are available for one desiring to become pregnant?

Resources available for one desiring to become pregnant are - Kosomlitics, Jenzo, Zetarnis, Pregnant Lady, Keltin, Jurfings, Polingmen, JDS and Long Love.

In periods lady can pregnant or not?

On day 1 or 2 of her cycle, she will not become pregnant - after day 2 the chance of pregnancy rises daily.

When is the right time to have intercourse to become pregnant?

I want to become pregnant. so pls.. give me advice

If you had intercourse the day your period was to start can you become pregnant?

yes you can become pregnant any time of the month

What to do if a cat bite a pregnant lady?

Then the pregnant lady is bitten.

What drugs are dangerous for a pregnant lady?

What drugs are dangerous for a pregnant lady?

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