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There are 4 episodes that contain that second battle. They are in Season 2 and the episodes are numbers 5-8: "Landing at Point Rain," "Weapons Factory," "Legacy of Terror," and "Brain Invaders"

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2013-03-27 18:03:00
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Q: What star wars the clone wars episode has the battle of geonosis?
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When does the Battle of Geonosis appear in the Clone Wars?

The Battle of Geonosis was the first battle between the Separatists and the Republic. It was the battle that began the Clone Wars. It featured prominently in the latter half of the film Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

On which planet is the droid army being created in Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clone?


What is the Lego Star Wars set 7677?

The set 7677 is a republic dropship that i think can be paired with the AT-TE. Its the ship u see in episode 2 when it brings in the AT-TEs and they get mullered by hailfire droids, the battle of Geonosis. It comes with a clone pilot, 4 clone troopers and 2 battle droids.

Where can you watch the old star wars clone wars?

If you are referring to the original trilogy, they take place after the Clone War has ceased. Outside of the TV series, "The Clone Wars", the only depiction of the war is in Episodes 2&3. The war starts at the Battle of Geonosis in Episode 2, and it ends during Episode 3 as Anakin Skywalker/Clone Troopers start attacking Jedi Knights.

How do you get out of the Jedi temple on star wars the clone wars adventures?

Go to captain Breaker in the hall and select either Ryloth or Geonosis. Geonosis is a Cruiser and Ryloth is a battle add someone that went past Breaker and teleport to them Easy TA Da

What led to The Clone Wars?

Lots of things led to the Clone Wars. First of all, Darth Sideous had been plotting it from the beginning, attempting to tear the galaxy apart in order to take over the galaxy. From a different point of view, the Battle of Geonosis in Star Wars Episode II started the Clone Wars. For more information go to:

What are the cheats for LEGO Star Wars?

Lego Star Wars Cheats (for the ps2):Enter the following codes in Dexter's Shop987UYR = Battle DroidEN11K5 = Battle Droid (Commander)LK42U6 = Battle Droid (Geonosis)KF999A = Battle Droid (Security)LA811Y = Boba FettF8B4L6 = CloneER33JN = Clone (Episode III)BHU72T = Clone (Episode III Pilot)N3T6P8 = Clone (Episode III Swamp)RS6E25 = Clone (Episode III Walker)14PGMN = Count DookuH35TUX = Darth MaulA32CAM = Darth SidiousVR832U = Disguised CloneDH382U = DroidekaSF321Y = General Grievous19D7NB = GeonosianZTY392 = Grievous' BodyguardU63B2A = Gonk DroidPL47NH = Jango FettDP55MV = Ki-Adi HundiCBR954 = Kit FistoA725X4 = LuminaraMS952L = Mace Windu (Episode III)92UJ7D = PadmeR840JU = PK DroidBEQ82H = Princess LeiaL54YUK = Rebel TrooperPP43JX = Royal GuardEUW862 = Shaak TiXZNR21 = Super Battle Droid

Who is clone pilot Oddball?

He is a clone who is seen a couple times in Star Wars:The Clone Wars and he makes a cameo appearance in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith during the "Battle of Corusaunt.

Which episode of Star Wars the clone wars has commander fox in it?

Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 1 episode 22.

Will there be new Lego Star Wars sets in Winter?

yes first there will be the bounty hunter ship then the jedi ship ti-9 i think and a new clone battle pack and a jango fett battle pack also a battle on geonosis set battle on naboo set mace windu star fighter sert

On which planet is the droid army being created in Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones?


Which planet is the droid army being created in Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones?


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