What really finishes a Boggart off?

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Laughter finishes off a Boggart.

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Q: What really finishes a Boggart off?
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What spell defeats a boggart?

The Riddikulus charm is used, as the spell. [ However, the trick is to force the boggart to assume a shape you find amusing; so what really finishes the boggart is laughter. ]

What is Seamus's boggart?

His boggart is a banshee

What Harry Potter creature turns into a person's worst fear?

The Boggart.

When was The Boggart created?

The Boggart was created in 1993.

What is Molly Weasleys boggart?

Molly Weasley's Boggart is her Dead family/friends. Her Boggart is mentioned in the novels, specifically, in 'Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix' I believe her Boggart was omitted from the movie.

How do you kill a boggart?

A boggart changes into the shape that it thinks will most frighten you. No one has ever seen a boggart's true form. Riddikulus gets rid of boggarts.

What is Hermiones Boggart?

Hermione's Boggart is of Professor McGonagall telling her she failed all her exams.

What is seamus?

His boggart is a banshee

Does miley reveal her secret in Hannah Montana the movie?

Yes she does at the end of the movie. when she finishes her concert, she takes off her wig and tells everybody who she really is

What is a boggart?

A boggart is a shape-shifting creature that takes on the form of its intended victim's worst fear. It generally likes to hide in dark, enclosed places.In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Professor Remus Lupin teaches his students in Defence Against the Dark Arts to approach a boggart in groups of two or more, so that the boggart will have difficulty in choosing which one to frighten. A common wizard's defense against a boggart is to point a wand at the boggart and say "Riddikulus" while thinking of something very funny; this charm puts out a protective shield so that the boggart can be held at bay, or manuevered away.

What is Charlie Weasley's boggart?

It is unknown.

What is the shape of Ginny Weasley's boggart?

The Harry Potter Wiki lists Ginny Weasley's boggart as being Lord Voldemort himself.

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