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Niall - Left BackHarry- Goalkeeper

Louis- Defender

and not sue about Zayn and Liam :)

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2013-04-14 15:30:37
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Q: What positions do one direction play in football?
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What football club did Louis one direction play for?

Doncaster Rovers

What do the One Direction boys play?

football (in the uk) which we call soccer. they think uk football (soccer) is better than usa

Where can one find a list of football positions?

One can find a list of football positions at football training guides that are available for free online. One could also ask a qualified football coach for more information.

Does Louis Tomlinson like to play soccer?

Yes all the boys of One Direction do but there they call it football

Does One Direction Play WoozWorld?

No One Direction does not play WoozWorld

What does counter mean in football?

The counter is a run play that tries to fool the defense into thinking the run will go in one direction when it will actually go in the opposite direction.

What is liams favorited sport of one direction?

All of One Direction's favourite sport is football

Does Louis Tomlinson play football with the Manchester united?

No - Louis Tomlinson is a singer, a member of X Factor group One Direction.

What is the fumblerooskie football play?

It's a play where the qb takes the snap and places the ball on the ground behind the center. The backs run one direction, and the guard from that side picks up the fumble and runs the other direction.

Football player job description?

A football player is responsible for performing their specific position, in order to help their team win the game. They may play several positions in one game to achieve that goal.

What is Liam from one direction favorite sport?

it is football

What team in football does zayn like from one direction?

he doest support a football team!

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