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I don't know an exact percentage, but I do know that in 2006, over 50 movies that were released were made from books, and that this number increased over the last four years.

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Q: What percentage of movies are made from books?
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Are all the books going to be movies?

No, but most will. Answer Most will not. By far the vast majority of books will never be made into movies. Only a very tiny percentage of books are made into movies.

Have any movies been made of Jeff Kinneys books?

jeff kinney has wrote books and made them movies they are wimpy kid books.

Which clive cussler books were made into movies?

Sahara and Raise the Titanic! were made into movies

When was Star Wars books made?

Star Wars was never based on books. John Williems made the movies and that is that. There IS books based on the movies though, each in the same year it was made.

Which Harry Potter books are movies?

All seven of the Harry Potter books have been made into movies.

Will the Harry Potter movies end?

Yes, they already have. All the books have been made into movies. There will be no more books and no more movies.

Have the saw movies been made in to books?


Why are books made into movies?

Books are made into movies, because most people would prefer to watch a movie, instead of reading a book.

How many movies and books are in the harry potter series?

7 books, 8 movies. This is because two movies were made out of the last book.

What author has had the most books made into movies?

J.K. Rowling has had 100% of her books made into movies - all of the Harry Potter Series. So, she would be high on the list for having had most of her books made into films.

What Stephen King Books were made movies?

Both The Shining and The Stand were produced into movies.

Which books have been made into movies?

* Gone with the Wind * Legends of the Fall * The Thorn Birds * The Stand * Dreamcatcher * Lord of the Rings * The Maltese Falcon * Twilight * Harry Potter This is a very short list of books that have been made into movies. There are hundreds of books that have been made into movies.

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