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If u want to know read the book

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2012-01-16 22:01:52
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Q: What page in twilight does Bella find out edward is a vampire?
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What page in Twilight did edward find out that Bella new he was a vampire?

Chapter 9 - Theory, page 160.

When does Bella find out edward is a vampire?

Bella finds out that Edward Cullen is a vampire in Twilight in chapter 6, after she goes to the party with Jacob black. he tells her legends about them, calling them the cold ones. Bella talks to edward about it in the forest afterwards and she knows that her theory was correct, that Edward Cullen actually was a vampire. it is not until edwardx tells her that she finds out they are "vegitarian vampires" who only drink blood form animals. this makes her feel safer and fall even more deeply in love with him

What is Bella's favorite gemstone?

In Twilight we find out that Bella's favorite gemstone was garnet, until she met Edward. Her favorite gemstone after meeting him was topaz, the same color as his eyes.

Is Bella Swan going to die in Twilight?

The question presupposes that the answer has not already been established. As anyone who has read all the books can find out, she doesn't die, but Edward Cullen turns her into a vampire in 'Breaking Dawn'. In the Twilight universe, one need not die before becoming a vampire. Since the movies have followed the books reasonably well, it can be assumed that when the movie is released on 18 November 2011, it will follow what happened in the book, i.e. Bella is transformed into a vampire to PREVENT her death.

When did Jacob find out Edward was a vampire?

JAcob found out in New moon or the end of Twilight. His father talked about it, then he really believed it when he turned to a wolf.

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What page in Twilight did edward find out that Bella new he was a vampire?

Chapter 9 - Theory, page 160.

How does Bella find out that Edward is a vampire in twilight?

Because Edward Has cold hands, doesnt sleep and Is Strong! Hes fast!And That's What Vamppires DO!

What did Bella type to find out that Edward was a vampire?

Quiluete Legends

Is it possible to have love like Edward and Bella of Twilight?

yes it's possible just not the vampire or werewolf bitit's most certainly possible edward and edward's human love is you cant ever find a vampire because the isn't such thing a one but you can find love like theirs

What does Bella Swan want to find in twilight?

She wants to find out the mystery between Edward's strange behavior towards her. Therefore, she becomes more interested in finding out about it and figures out that he is a vampire.

Bella stay with Edward in the final Twilight?

read it for yourself to find out

What is the tension in twilight?

The tension is whether Bella swan (human) will choose Edward Cullen (vampire) or Jacob Black (werewolf). you will find this out in eclipse and breaking dawn.

How do you find a website that gives chapter by chapter book summaries for the book twilight?

hey ya'll wats up?? newtest3 What happens in the book is that edward and Bella finally meet and Edward saves Bella's life and she finally figures out that edward is a vampire. Which puts Bella in danger. But Edward wins at the end and gets the girl

Will Bella be turned into a vampire?

After a series of events, yes, Edward does turn Bella into a vampire. But, if you want to find out how you should read the book. It was great!

In the book Twilight when does Bella find out about Edward being a Vampire?

Bella finds out Edward is a vampire the day that her and her school friends go to La Push and she meets Jacob for the first time. Bella knows he knows more about the Cullens, so she tricks Jacob into telling her by flirting. He tells her that they are called "the cold ones" or you could call them vampires. He explains that the Cullens are the cold ones and then, after some research at home, Bella is convinced that Edward is in fact a vampire.

Does Bella's dad find out that edward is a vampire in breaking dawn?

Yes Charlie (Bellas dad) finds out that Edward is a vampire because Bella tell him also he finds out for himself a bit

What page in twilight do you find out Edward is a vampire?

Jacob tells her on page 126.

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