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Usually B-flat, although some may also play an A in addition.

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2011-01-06 19:31:53
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Q: What note does a concert band tune to?
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What note does a band tune to?

A band can tune to a variety of pitches. Depending on the ensemble it can vary from concert C, concert B flat, concert F, and countless others. This really depends on the instrument which is leading the tuning note.

What pitch is used to tune an orchestra?

Normally, an oboe's note in A will tune an orchestra. Sometimes, for concert bands, the pitch is B flat.

Which instrument do all of the other instruments tune up to?

All the instruments are tune to the piano. Before an orchestral concert, the musicians will either tune to a note played on the violin by the concertmaster, or an oboist.

What is the duration of The Band Concert?

The duration of The Band Concert is 540.0 seconds.

When was Nottingham Concert Band created?

Nottingham Concert Band was created in 1991.

When was Nanyang Concert Band created?

Nanyang Concert Band was created in 1969.

When was The Band Concert created?

The Band Concert was created on 1935-02-23.

How are a symphony and a concert band different?

A symphony usually consists of string instruments in addition to the usual concert band instruments. Also, there are usually less concert instruments in a symphony than in a concert band.

What band and ensemble is a clarinet in?

concert band

What is the meaning of band's?

the answer to band's is a rock concert

What percentage of the concert gate does a band get?

It depends on the band.

Why do violins tune the orchestra?

Technically, the violins don't tune the orchestra. The oboe gives a concert A. The concert master/mistress indicates when to tune. This person is usually a violinist. The violins are usually the closest instruments to the front of the stage and the conductor.

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