What music sites are school approved?

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there isnt one

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2012-03-23 17:26:26
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Q: What music sites are school approved?
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How do i download music from a computer?

Legally, you must pay for music through an approved licensed music download site. Illegally, there are dozens of p2p sharing sites as well as torrent sites.

What are some unblocked music sites to listen to at school?

The sites that are blocked will vary based on the settings the school has set up. Some good sites for listening to music are Pandora, LastFm, I Heart Radio, and Playlist.

What music sites are never blocked at school? and

Is there any music sites not blocked by the school?

yeah you can get onto

How do you unblock music sites from a school computer?

the only way to override the school's control system is for some sites, such as facebook is to replace the "http" with "https".

What music sites are allowed at school?

None, that I know of. Most of them are blocked at my school, but I'm not sure about yours....

What websites can you watch music videos in school on?

you can try sites like VEVO

Hello could anyone kindly answer my questionDoes the university of California state university syllabus approved by AICTEUGC -since the govt. approved sites are of god use and I had to ask the same?

The university of California state university syllabus approved sites of god use have been asked by the same since the govt. approved sites and AICTEUGC approved the same. However, the approved sites may be govt. approved, but not necessarily AICTEUGC approved. I had to ask the same as well. I hope this kindly answers your question.

What music sites you can get on at school?,,,, just google music online and a bunch of websites will come up

What is an approved school?

An approved school is an institution for the care and education of young offenders.

What type of websites work for music in school?

It really varies per school, as the protection + sites blocked are different in every school (unless you use a shared one) I have added the related link to a music site that works in my school.

What music sites are unblocked in school?

now this isnt probably going to last too long thanks to the school systems changing but these sites are unblocked at school at the moment (27/3/2012) - dilandau - tunescoop - livingelectro - soundcloud - mp3ye - soundowl these are the words you need to search up in google to download music, but please notice that not all the music is downloadable tthanks to the school system again

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