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IMax theaters.

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Q: What movie thearter shows 3d movies?
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What 3d cinemas are closest to helensvale?

3D movies can be shown in any thearter its up to management to run 2D or 3D prints of the film . call ahead.

Do you have to wear 3D glasses to a 3D movie?

YES you have to wear 3d glasses for 3D movies

How can a spectacled person watch a 3D movie?

The 3D glasses went in front of my glasses when I saw 3d movies.

Is the new movie Brave in 3D?

Yes. But some theaters don't show 3d movies

Does a cinema have Avatar not in 3D?

As the movie was meant to be seen in 3D I doubt there is a cinema that shows a non-3D version in cinemas.

Can we watch 3D movie in a normal screen?

Yes you can watch 3D movies with a regular screen. 3D movies are filmed in a way, that when you watch them with the 3D glasses, the movie appears to be in 3D, therefore the screen you watch it on makes no difference. There are screens that the screens themselves are3D but that's a different thing.

What is a scope of BSc in Animation Multimedia?

There is a very good scope in India about 3D animation. As now days there are more and more action movies are coming and its obvious that action movie will bring more thrill if it shows in 3D.

Do you get 3d glasses when you go to see a 3d movie?

Most 3D movies will have glasses provided at the theater. Some will let you keep them, some will not.

Are 3D movies blurry when you take your 3D glasses off?

It depends. You can see a 3D movie that has only some parts in 3D. In that case, no. You can also see a movie that ALL the screen is in 3D. In that case, yes.Hope that answers your question!

In what movies did Julian McMahon have a role?

Julian McMahon has only had a role in one movie, "Bait 3D," which was an Autralian horror movie. He has also been in numerous TV shows, such as Nip/Tuck and Charmed.

How old do you have to be to watch 3d movies?

3d movies are rated just like non-3d movies.

Are the commerials in 3d movies 3d?

most of them ( just for the 3d movies coming out)

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