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Out of Africa

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Who gave Bella the necklace that was part of the crown jewels as a wedding gift

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Bella first heard about the huge animals in the woods while she was

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Q: What movie has the line Shoot it shoot it?
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Where did they shoot the movie twilight?

they shoot the movie twilight in forks,Washingtion they shoot twilight!!!!!!!!

What is Shoot Don't Shoot?

it's a movie

How do you shoot a movie?

Find a place where movie has a good theme. Get the actors. And a Movie Crew. The Movie Crew will shoot the video. That's how to shoot a movie.

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The future tense of shoot is will shoot or going to shoot: Tony will shoot the climactic scene of the movie tomorrow, and then he is going to shoot a music video.

What movie had this line in it You'll shoot your eye out kid?

"A Christmas Story" (1983).

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What nouns can be used with shoot?

Examples of nouns (in bold) that can be used with the verb 'shoot':shoot a scene (video/movie)shoot a bullet (gunfire)shoot an arrow (archery)shoot the moon (a challenge or a gamble)Examples of nouns (in bold) that can be used with the noun 'shoot':turkey shoot (hunting trip)target shoot (firearm contest)bamboo shoot (plant or vegetable)hoop shoot (basketball free-throw contest)

What movie is the famous line How do you shoot the devil in the back what if you miss?

This quote is from the movie The Usual Suspects directed by Bryan Singer

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freethrow line

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shoot a movie with him

What was the movie where they shoot around corners?


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