What made Michael Jackson so famous?

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Michael Jackson first became known to the public as a small child in the group The Jackson 5. The Jackson 5 was a singing group made up of Michael Jackson and four of his older brothers. As a young man, Michael Jackson began a solo career and became extremely popular with his hits "Beat It" and "Thriller". He's made multiple albums before his death in 2009.

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Q: What made Michael Jackson so famous?
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Why did Michael Jackson make music?

Because when he was younger his Dad want a Jackson to be famous so Michael made loads of music to make his dad happy.

Is Michael Jackson more famous than Lionel messi?

Michael Jackson would have to be the most famous person to have walked this world. So yes, Michael is more famous than Lionel Messi.

Does Michael Jackson think he can sing?

Obviously Michael knew he could sing, that's why he was so famous.

How old was Michael Jackson when he made you are not alone?

Michael Jackson was born in 1958 and he made you are not alone in 1995. So he was approx. 37 years old.

Why is Michael Jackson so famous?

Because he was one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

Is Michael Jackson a billionare?

Michael Jackson, as famous as he is, was 500 Million dollars in debt. So, even if he WAS a billionaire, he was sort of going broke by the time he died

What was the life you Jackson 5 for Michael Jackson?

Well it was not so well for michael because it was his dad who made his family form the jackson five. So i would imagine that it was very horrible.

Why has Michael Jackson did a comeback?

To show his fans he still had it and so his kids could see why he was so famous.

Why Michael Jackson's music so unique?

because he made it from his heart.

Why did Michael Jackson work so hard?

Because he wanted to become famous before dying!!

What made Michael Jackson so pale?

he had a skin diesease called vitiligo

Who is more famous Michael Jackson or Garfield?

Probably all the modern time musicians of the 21st century. Michael jackson is dead so he wont have any more songs as the modern musicians will still be publishing albums.

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