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Jacob Black

Played by Taylor Lautner in the movie

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Who gave Bella the necklace that was part of the crown jewels as a wedding gift

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Did Bella kill a Volturi

Bella first heard about the huge animals in the woods while she was

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Q: What is the werewolf's name in twilight?
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How many werewolves in twilight?

if i am not mistaken there are 7 werewolfs in twilight

Which is faster in twilight movies vampire or werewolf?

Werewolfs they tell Bella when she goes to their house

What is the falling action for the book Twilight Saga Eclipse?

The falling action of the Twilight Saga Eclipse is the battle between the new borns and the Cullens/Werewolfs

What is the style of 'Twilight'?

The book is a mystery really as it is about vampires and werewolfs and no one knows there secret but their family and bella!

What two groups are enemies in The Twilight Saga?

the werewolfs and vampires but mostly the cullens because the cullens drink animal blood so as the werewolfs are animals they hate the cullens for doing wot they do:) hope this helped

Can werewolfs fall in love?

yes and no. sometimes they think their in love but their not. on the other hand if ur talking about twilight then yes. but their not truely in love

What state do werewolfs live in?

werewolfs dont exist

What is hunter from The Boy Who Cried Werewolfs last name?

Hunter Sands!

Twilight vampires vs werewolfs who would win a fight?

As both are fictitious creatures, it depends on the story, and what attributes the author has given them all.

What is a good name for a werewolf?

Fido A name that seems to be popular for werewolfs is Lucian. I have no idea why though......

Are werewolfs real living things?

werewolfs are a real living thing.

What are werewolfs weakness?

silver (oh and just so you know its not werewolfs its werewolves)

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