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Down down down up down up down up

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Q: What is the strumming pattern for the song Someone Like You?
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What is the strumming pattern for Lego house?

"Lego House" is a song by Ed Sheeran. The strumming pattern can be determined by listening to the rhythm of the song.

What is strumming pattern for yellow by coldplay?

Just listen to the song.

What is the strumming pattern to Vegas skies?

You can't really describe a strumming pattern for a song, but i use down down up down up.

What are the strumming patterns for the lazy song by Bruno mars?

strumming!(: EDIT: The simple version is just a down mute down mute pattern through the song

What is the strumming pattern for the chorus in the song disco by metro station?

123 and a 1234

Could someone tell me the exact strumming pattern on guitar for the song Running From Lions by All Time Low please?

i don't know i came to search for what it was :(

Teardrops on your guitar strumming pattern? has chords for every Taylor song, even unrealeased.

What is the ukulele strumming pattern for the song Happy?


What is the strum pattern for 'Hey Soul Sister' by Train?

The strumming pattern is 'Down Down Up Up Down Up'. The pattern is the same throughout the whole song, you have to keep repeating it. And you have to strum really fast, just play with the song to know the speed for strumming. Hope i helped!

What is the strumming pattern for Taylor Swift?

It depends on which song you are referring to. She uses different strum patters for her songs.

What is the strumming pattern for love story by Taylor swift?

I play the song with: D, G, Bm and A. The strumming is down all time. It can also be played it with down down up down down.

What is the strumming pattern on guitar for Taylor Swift's 'hey stephen'?

well, its easy to listen to the song carefully and make up your own pattern. also, i think all the strumming patterns are the same for each song. you can always easily go to youtube and look for a tutorial, follow the pattern on that and you will find yourself playing just the same as Taylor.

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