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High School Music is all about music,love and this movie love and music was the important thing in this the movie .

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Q: What is the story behind High School Musical?
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Who choreographed High School Musical?

All of the High School Musical movies were choreographed by Bonnie Story and Charles "Chucky" Klapow

What musical are most frequently performed by high school groups?

West side story, High School Musical, The Wizard of OZ, and Annie

What are the name of the 3 high school musical movies?

The first High School Musical movie was just called High School Musical. The second High School Musical movie was called High School Musical 2. The third High School Musical movie is called, High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

What is school called in high school musical?

The name of the high school in High school musical is calledEAST HIGH

What is HSM mean?

HSM stands for High School Musical. High School Musical is a movie. There's a High School Musical, High School Musical 2 and High School Musical 3. The 4th one did not come out yet.

How old do you have to be for high school musical can you be 9?

no you can not be nine to get in to high school musical you have to be in high school

Where is the high school in high school musical located at?

there is no high school named high school musical it was just a movie.

What letter is next in the sequence of HSMC?

High school musical is gay and sucks High school musical is gay and sucks High school musical is gay and sucks High school musical is gay and sucks High school musical is gay and sucks

What year were the kids from high school musical?

High School Musical 1: Juniors High School Musical 2: Junior/Senior summer High School Musical 3: Seniors

What was the moive with Ashley Tisdale in it?

high school musical - high school musical 2-high school musical 3 And picture this

What are some basketball movies?

high school musical 1,high school musical 2,high school musical 3.

Where is High School Musical now?

high school musical is in america

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