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It's the theme to the Saturday Morning Cartoon, "Recess"

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Q: What is the song that goes doo da doo doo da doo doo dooo?
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How do you play Mario theme on trumpet?

it goes like this deedoodedodoo doo doo de do de do de do dedo do do ded od eo do dodo dooo dooo de da dooo :O

What is the techno song that goes like dum da dee da deedee dum deedee doo?

The same song that goes like dit doo da da da doo.

What is the song that goes like ba dee dee da da doo doo dee daa?

Doo D'Doo by Pogo

Why is fish so smelly?

becuz all day doo dooo in da water

What is a dance song that goes doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo clap clap clap?

The chicken dance, dur da dur!

What is that dubstep song called?

The one that goes like this : Doo doo dun dun da da Dee Dee od doo doo Bummm bada wada boom dun dah lah boom.

What are the chords to Welcome to the Black parade?

Da da da....da da da...da DA da...da da da daa da doo doo.....da doo DOO doo doo da....da doo doo da....doo DOO doo.....daDA da....da doo doo da da doo doo.... da doo da doo da doo Hope that helps!

What song is playing right before cry to me in dirty dancing?

dance it'll be okay da da doo doo

What are the notes to the Super Mario Theme Song for bells?

do do do, do do do doo do, do do doo! do do do do doo do, do do do, do do do doo do, do do doo! do do do do doo do, do, doo do do doo do do do do do, doo do do do da do DEE DEE DEE!!!

What musical is zip you di doo da from?

"Zippity Doo Dah" is from Disney's "Song of the South"

What is the name of the song that sounds like a lada da da da da da do doo alda dee doo and sounds like chipmunks singing it It was used a lot in the late 90s or early 2000s online and repeated?

the hamster song i think

What movies is the song zippity doo da in?

Songs of the south, Disney

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