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Its a good song called "Hello" by Dragonette

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โˆ™ 2011-03-11 18:28:31
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Q: What is the song in the Trident vitality commercial?
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What is the song is on the new trident commercial?


Does trident vitality gum have caffeine?

yes it does

What is the piano song from the trident gum extra care commercial?

its not a song its just a tune they made for the commercial

How much ginseng is in trident vitality awaken?

A Dash! :)

Which is better Trident Vitality or Dentyne Pure?

This is a question of opinion, but i honestly think Trindent Vitality.

Is trident vitality vegan?

Yes, Trident Vitality gum is vegan. Glycerin is the only possibly non-vegan ingredient on the ingedients listing, however this form of glycerin is harvested from plants and not animals.

What happened to trident vitality gum?

According to the company, it was discontinued in 2013

Who sings the song on the new trident commercial you just called to say hello?

hello dragonette remix

Who is the actress in the trident layers commercial?

Carly Butcher

Who is actress in trident layers gum commercial?

Carly Butcher is the actress in the Trident Layers gum commercial. She also has appeared in many prescription medication advertisement commercials.

Who sings the song on the new trident commercial where the lyrics sound like just called to say hello?

"Hello (featuring Dragonette)" by Martin Solveig

Who is the Asian girl in the trident layers commercial?

isn't it funny, the Asian girl in the trident layers commercial only airs in Canada, the American version features a white girl. You can try searching for the trident layers commercial that has the Asian girl but you will never find it. It's a remake commercial so they can air it in Canada. wont find it!

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