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Pizza Song

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2012-03-21 14:41:28
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Q: What is the song in the Geico 80s music?
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What song did Lenny James sing in the opening music to 80s tv show civvies?

Go an be brave.

What was the name of the song 80s 90s music video of a fast song with trumpets orchestra or band all dressed in white?

The Polyphonic Spree.

What was the 80s music like?

80s music was pure happiness, a lot of synthesizers, and saxophone solos.

What radio station has 80s music?

Sirus 80s on 8

What 80s song had the line Squirrel trying to get a nut?

gonna make you sweat-c+c music factory

Who is Henry lee on Train song?

I believe it is Henry Lee Summer (of "Wish I had a Girl" fame) There are a lot of 80s music references in the song & on the album, & Henry Lee Summer had a song called "My Turn Train" in the 80s as well. That's my guess, but their are a lot of theories out there!

What is the music in the line dancing geico commercial?

Band : The Wrinkle Neck Mules song title : "Central Daylight Time" album/song release date February 2012

What is the song in the Geico Powerboat Commercial?

The song in the Geico powerboat commercial is "Bread & Water" by Ryan Bingham, He is an Americana singer-songwriter from California.

Who sang the 80s new wave song livin in the 80s?

Killing Joke. Song was called "Eighties"

What is the music in the Geico commercial with the guy on a motorcycle?

with camper

Who sings the song that goes it always feels like someones watching me on the Geico commercial?

The Geico Commercial Song is by RockwellHowever it's a remix of his original.The Geico Version is not the Original "Sombody's Watching Me" Song by RockwellAnother answer:"Somebody's Watching Me" is indeed by Rockwell, but the vocal refrain that Geico uses in the commercial was sung by Michael Jackson.

Why hasn't David Bowie written a decent song since the mid 80s?

Probably frightened by music of the mountains and the spiders from mars

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