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Jacob and Bella don't kiss.

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Q: What is the song in Jacob and Bella kiss in New Moon?
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What is the song in new moon when Bella and Jacob are fixing the bikes?

shooting the moon by ok go

What song do they play in Eclipse when Jacob and Bella kiss?

If it's the first time Jacob tries to kiss Bella, it's called "First Kiss" from the Motion Picture Score (not soundtrack). If it's the second time, when she kisses him, it's called "The Kiss", also from the Score.

When is 'shooting the moon by ok go' played in new moon?

That song is played while Jacob and Bella are repairing and fixing up the motorcycles at Jacob's place.

What is the song called when Jacob is in Bella's bedroom on twilight new moon?

"Hearing Damage" by Thom Yorke.

What scene is the song shooting the moon by OK GO?

It's the scene where Bella and Jacob are fixing the motorcycles and Bella is writing to Alice about how Jake makes her feel alive.

What was the song playing on radio when Bella and Jacob were fixing the motorcycles before Bella turned it off in new moon?

All I Believe In, (its a bonus track on the soundtrack) by the Magic Numbers & Amadou & Mariam

What was the name of the song that played in the final scene of New Moon?

Are you looking for that song that played when Jacob Bella and Edward are talking in the forest? I want the background music, it had like the piccalo in it? It was so good!

What was the song in eclipse when Bella was riding with Jacob?

Jonathon Low by Vampire Weekend

What song plays when Bella is drowning in new moon?

the name of the song is Slow Life

What song is playing in New Moon when Jacob is fixing the bikes?

Shooting The Moon - Ok Go

What song was playing when Edward left Bella in the forest in New Moon?

If you have the New Moon soundtrack, it is the final song (#14) The Meadow.

What was the song in the new moon movie when Bella went to Jacob to fix the bikes?

Music made for the film is played during Bella's ride to Jake's.I'm not sure what song is playing on the radio that Bella turns off.But Ok Go- Shooting the Moon, is the song when they're in the garage fixing the bikes after Quil and Embry visit.I bet it's the one I don't know that you want to know though, isn't it? :S^^I'm adding on! (PS - The song is right for the scene, just not the radio. [-: )^^The song that plays on the radio when Bella turns it off is All I Believe - The Magic Numbers & Amadou & Mariam.~River~

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