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2008-03-26 03:47:42
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Q: What is the song by the Fall used in Nissan commercial?
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What is the song used for the current Nissan sales event commercial It is an epic guitar riff?

The song is called SIRIUS. It is performed by Alan Parsons Project!

What iron maiden music is used in the new Nissan commercial?

Iron Maiden music has never been used in a Nissan commercial.

What song is used for CBC fall line up commercial 2012?

The song is "White Doves" by the Toronto band Young Empires.

Who sings the song in the new Nissan Juke advertisement?

The song on the Nissan Juke commercial is sung by The Black Keys & its called Tighten Up.The song used by the European campaign of the new juke advert is Twinkle twinkle little star sung by Frederika Stahl.

What commercial used the song Magic by Pilot?

It was used in a Pillsbury commercial. :)

What song is used in the Nokia 5300 commercial?

The Song Used In The Noia Commercial Is Digital Love By Daft Punk

What song is used for CBC fall line up commercial?

Let's Go Higher - Johnny Reid or "white doves" by Young Empires

What commercial was the song destiny by zero 7 used in?

A&E Commercial

What is the theme song used in the Boston Celtic tv commercial?

What is the song that is on the boston celtics team commercial

What was the song used for the Samsung Instinct commercial?

The song that was used for the Samsung Instinct Commercial was "Signal in the Sky" (Lets Go!) by "The Apples In Stereo".

What commercial uses tom jones's song it's not unusual?

If I remeber correctly the song was used for a mobile phone commercial.

What song is used in the nokia n82 commercial?

The song in the Nokia N82 commercial is For Andrew Bird, its called Self torture.

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