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Sam is Frodo's gardener. But just because Sam works for Frodo doesn't mean that they cant be friends. It is more than just a master-servant thing. And the friendship becomes the most essential element and by all chances, it always was. The friend's love they share is so intense and deep it has made people twist them into something they're not. They are not lovers in a romantic nature and they are not homosexual couple.

Sam looks up to Frodo as a master, usually calling him "Mr. Frodo", but definitely takes him more essentially as a close friend, also calling him simply "Frodo". Sam is Frodo's ultimate loyal servant and friend, who always puts Frodo's needs ahead of his own. He never leaves his side and risks dying in order to keep it so, forgives and forgets Frodo's mistakes and hurful words that he does/says because of the Ring, and he lays down his life for Frodo; fighting Shelob in order to protect Frodo, and even follows the orcs to save Frodo even while thinking he's dead. In fact he in the first place promised to return to his body never to depart. And he carries Frodo when Frodo can't go on. ("I can't carry it for you but I can carry you!") One simple line between Faramir and Sam put part of the essence well; Faramir: "And who's he? Your bodyguard?" Sam: "His gardener."

Frodo from time to time addresses Sam with "my dear Sam", which implies he does think of Sam as his; his gardener and his close friend, whome he highly appreciates, literally letting him know he knows he wouldn't have got far without Sam and repeatedly telling Sam anyway that he's glad Sam's with him. And the friend's love comes up best with him gently kissing Sam's forehead in the Grey Havens, and comforting and encouraging Sam to go on even without him by his side because it was best for Sam; "My dear Sam. You can not always be torn in two. You must be one and whole for many years. You have so much to enjoy and to see and to do. Your part in the tale will go on."

Their friendship deepens throughout their trials and troubles on their journey together alone, to destroy the Ring of Power. The journey developes their relationship into that of brothers.

Elijah Wood - (the actor who played Frodo in Peter Jackson's live action film trilogy of The Lord of the Rings) - has analyzed on Frodo and Sam;

"It is a deep relationship, and difficult to describe. In one way it is a master/servant relationship, because Sam comes from a different class and wants to serve Frodo and be there for him because he is very, very loyal. But more than anything, they are best friends. Despite all of the efforts of wizards and warriors, it is this one friendship that eventually enables Frodo to carry out his quest. Quite simply it is love. it is that unconditional love that says, regardless of what you do or where you go, I will always be there for you."

Sean Astin - (the actor who played Sam in the same movie trilogy) - on Frodo and Sam;

"...they don't need to talk about what they are to each other, they just are."

A fan;

"Sam and Frodo passed through hell together and any sense that the Gaffer had drilled into Sam about his 'place' burned away in that purifying fire as Frodo became not Sam's master, but more best friend, brother and even child. Sam recognized fully that his 'place' was at Frodo's side, that they were no longer servant and master, but closer than blood brothers, sharing the same heart and soul.

I think it's wonderful that their story can be called a love story - what else could it be called? Yes, they are "more than friends" as the slashers love to say, but not the way they mean it. They are brothers, not lovers. The intensity of their love is the love that men sometimes form in combat, so strong that it even surpasses the love of women and anything else. One fan story I read has Sam never marrying, but devoting his life to taking care of his Frodo. Frodo never went West because he couldn't bear to part from Sam. He still had his anniversary illnesses, but he knew he was loved and he was going to slowly heal that way. Oh, to be loved that much, to be the center of someone's universe like that!"

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Q: What is the relationship between Frodo and Sam?
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What is Sam Gamgee's relationship to Bilbo?

There was no family relationship. Sam was Frodo's gardener, and Frodo was Bilbo's cousin. Sam was the son of Gaffer Gamgee who probably helped with the gardening at Bag's End for Bilbo's family.

How is Sam related to Frodo?

Sam Gamgee is not related to Frodo Baggins. He is his gardener, that is all.

How in Middle-earth did Sam put up with Frodo?

Sam was Frodo's best friend, and Sam knew deep down that Frodo would never be mean to Sam unless he wasn't himself.

What is the relationship between Frodo and Bilbo?

Frodo's father is Bilbo's cousin. Frodo and Bilbo are cousins, though at the beginning of the FOTR, Frodo is 33 and Bilbo is 111. Bilbo officially 'adopts' Frodo as his heir.

Who is Sam in Lord of the Rings The Two Towers?

Sam is Frodo's companion that helps frodo take the ring to mount doom. He, like Frodo is a hobbit from the shire.

Do Frodo and Sam love each other?

Of course Frodo and Sam love each other! Their love is a beautiful friendship, which evolves through shared hardship and sacrifice from a master-servant relationship to friendship and deepest loyalty to each other.Now, if you mean in a romantic sense...There are certainly hardcore Frodo/Sam slashers out there that will make the case for a sexual love between them, but I personally doubt the truth of this. It seems highly unlikely that the Professor (Tolkien), a devout Roman Catholic, would have intended this, though of course each individual has the right to interpret Frodo and Sam's relationship however they please.The relationship is often compared to the relationship that a British soldier assigned to a officer would be. Complete loyalty in both directions, as they suffered through untold adventures together. Such relationships are often found in 1900's literature. Jeeves and Wooster is one example.

Why did Frodo and sam leave The Fellowship of the Ring?

Frodo decided to leave because he thought the journey was his quest alone, and he did not want to bring harm to his friends. Also, after Boromir tried to take the One Ring from Frodo, he immediately left and Sam always goes where Frodo does.

Is Sam Gamgee a hobbit?

Sam Gamgee is a Hobbit. Along with Frodo, Merry, and Pippin.

Does Sam love Frodo?

Sam does love Frodo. However, while some like to interpret this love as romantic and homosexual, J.R.R. Tolkien never truly alludes to a romantic love between the two. Sam loves Frodo like a brother or a best friend; some like to call it a bromance. He also loves Frodo as a servant loves his master, though the two become more and more equal as they continue on their journey. *SPOILER* In the end, Sam marries a girl from the Shire named Rosie.

Who are the main characters of The Hobbit?

Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin.

Who starts to follow Sam and Frodo across the Valley of Gorgoroth?


What are the names of the three eagles who save Frodo and Sam on Mount Doom?

The three eagles that rescued Frodo and Sam from the destruction of Mount Doom were Gwaihir, the Windlord, Landroval (Gwaihir's brother), and Meneldor.

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