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Q: What is the name of the music group with a song that sounds like monks are in the background?
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What was the backround music for Alaska Is?

Alaska is a beautiful place but there is no background music for it. Other than the sounds of nature. And freezing cold.

What is the song called that has background music that sounds like bubbles popping and sounds kinda indianish or Mexican?

Popcorn by Hot Butter

What is the pampers diaper commercial background music in 2009?

it sounds like Professor Longhair's 'Tipitina'

What is the background music of judy collin farewell to tarwathie?

It is the recorded sounds of humpback whales that you hear during the song

Who plays the background music in the Honda Big Red ATV commercial?

it sounds like Doyle Bramhall 11.

What is definition of music?

Vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.

What type of music does the musical group Ellery play?

The musical group Ellery plays Scottish mystical music. It's a new type of genre that mixes opera with bagpipes and has wind instruments that play in the background.

The background music in the rapping sections of Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes sounds like the background music of another older song - what is the name of the older song?

I keep trying to figure that out! People think I'm crazy but I swear its just like another song!!

How does the background of an artist influence his music?

Any time a musician writes or performs music, it comes from his knowledge and background. When a person performs music, it says who he is. Background affects who he is and what kind of musical education he has had. Music is expression. Without a circumstance (background) or knowledge (background), it is impossible to express.

Where you can download the background music for call of duty 4 for your iPod?

u cant download the background music for the ipod because its only the background music no one would ever think to put it on the ipod and i do agree the background music is cool

Are there sounds like the sea help you memorize facts better?

There is no magical sound that makes you memorize, no. But scientific studies have shown that having quiet instrumental music on in the background will help you to concentrate better on what you're memorizing. Sounds of the sea would also work to drown out any distracting background noise.

The music key which sounds happy?

Music written in a major key sounds happy. Music written in a minor key sounds sad.