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Q: What is the name of the movie were kids build a spaceship in the backyard?
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What was the name of the movie where some kids built a spaceship out of a tilt a whirl car?

Explorers (1985).

What movie had two kids building a spaceship?

I think it was called the EXPLORERS. a discarded Tilt-a-whirl carnival ride was used as the base prop. Closer to the ground, two kids built or attempted to build an improvised aircraft in the film Radio Flyer.

How do you stop a 9 year old from crying?

make her/him get on the computer and get on a fun game for kids or watch a kids movie or tell them to go outside with you and make a picnic in your backyard!

What is the name of the Disney movie where kids build a tall building?

phineas and ferb

How do you find a name of a movie if you forgo i its about these little demons that come out of a hole in these kids backyard and the one kid has an eye growing in the center of his hand?

The Stepdaughter??

Whats the name of the movie were Two kids build a space ship out of trash cans?

The Explorers

What is the name of that one horror movie about the Mom who moves her two kids into a house that has been burned down before and there is a play house in the backyard that suposedly has fairies in it?

Inhabited, 2003

Is it illegal to skinny dipping in your backyard pool?

This depends on how you structure your backyard. If your next door neighbors' kids can't help but see you skinny-dipping or otherwise naked in your pool or backyard then it is illegal. But if you have privacy fencing and kids try to climb over it to take a peek at you, then it's not illegal.

Who was the kids' show hostess in Brazil who would arrive on stage in a pink spaceship?

The hostess is Xuxa.

What was the film where several kids play in one backyard and there was one huge dog which collect balls for baseball The movie is from 80 years maybe?

Thanks, thanks, thanks :))))))))))))) Very much!!!

What should you do with a huge backyard if you can't get a pool?

a swing set would be nice if you have kids

What is a good sentence for the word crotchety?

The crotchety old man chased the kids out of his backyard.

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