What is the movie Coraline about?

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A young girl named Coraline moves into a house with her parents. Her two parents don't pay much attention to her because they are too caught up with their work. Coraline discovers a small door in the house that leads to a world where everything in her life is better. Her "Other mother" and "Otherfather"(people who look exaclty like her parents, but only buttons replaced for eyes) pay attention to her and theres a beautiful garden outside her house and stuff. The "other mother" (Beldam) (meaning "Witch" or "Hag")says that Coraline can stay there, if she lets her take out her eyes and sew buttons there in their place. Coraline refuses, and the Beldam working even harder to try to steal her soul. To find out the rest you're going to have to go and see it!

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Q: What is the movie Coraline about?
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