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Strawberry Fields was a Salvation Army Children's home near to where John Lennon grew up.

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Q: What is the meaning of the Beatles song Strawberry Fields Forever?
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Who sings Strawberry Fields Forever?

The Beatles.

What was The Beatles number one that never was?

Strawberry Fields Forever

Lyrical meaning to the Beatles strawberry fields forever?

Well Strawberry Feilds is the name of an orphange that John grew up near and it's also another name for acid

What is the B-side of the Beatles' Strawberry Fields Forever?

"Strawberry Fields Forever" was the flip side of "Penny Lane". The single was considered a double A-side, but "Penny Lane" got more attention.

What number 1 hits did the beatles have in England?

Some of the greatest hits were Love Me Do and Strawberry Fields Forever

When was Strawberry Fields Forever created?

Strawberry Fields Forever was created on -19-12-11.

What is the meaning of the song strawberry fields forever?

Strawberry Fields was a Salvation Army Children's home near to where John Lennon grew up.

Where is the John Lennon memorial?

In Central Park, there is a section called "Strawberry Fields" after the song "Strawberry Fields Forever" written by him during the Beatles days. In the middle of Strawberry Fields, there is a memorial mosaic saying "Imagine" after his song "Imagine." It's called Strawberry Fields and is located in Central Park, New York City, NY.

What 3 songs are the beatles most known for?

strawberry fields forever, raspberry fields sometimes and orange groves not very often (covered by bright eyes). believe it or not.

Was strawberry fields the Beatles biggest hit?


What is the Beatles song Strawberry Fields Forever about?

Strawberry Field was a Salvation Army children's home in whose grounds John Lennon used to play as a boy. During rough times, he would close his eyes, imagining he was there. "Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." People always take beatles songs, and turn them into drug inspired satires. John called the song "Strawberry Fields Forever" as a tribute to remember all of the Strawberry Fields of the world. The actual name of the children's home was Strawberry Field.

What were three famous Beatles hit songs and the years they were released?

"Hey Jude"--1968 "Let It Be"--1970 "Strawberry Fields Forever"-1967

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