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It just another place to throw some ink. Traditionally people in the business world scoff at tattoos that are in full sight. So if it's a very important tat, say a dove dedicated to you mother that just passed away, it's like saying, who cares what people think, i loved her and here's proof that everyone can see.

I have a tattoo on my doesn't mean anything. I just liked that design in that place. IF I really wanted to stretch and say there was a meaning then probably the "I don't care what people think" would be a good explanation. Also my hand tattoo extends all the way up my depicts flowering vines growing up my arm. But at one time it was just a flower on my hand by my thumb.

It also depends on what design you are talking about - in the past, small crude hand-poked designs, like the markings from dice (the side with three or five points showing) were used by neighborhood youth gangs.

In a military-themed film Cadence, Charlie Sheen's character got 8 Balls tattooed on the backs of his hands as a sign of rebellion, as the army (or whatever service he was in) had put a ban on hand tattoos.

In Malay Culture one ring around a finger is giver to a warrior for each man he kills.

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Q: What is the meaning of a tattoo on the hand near the thumb?
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