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Iget detention

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Q: What is the episode of icarly where Freddie puts his arm around sam?
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Will Sam and Freddie get back together?

Yes she will in the episode ilose my mind when Sam puts herself in a mental institute after she can't control her actions about Freddie\*update* It is hoped that they will.

What is iCarly's YouTube called?

There is no youtube account for Icarly that i know of but , you can go to to watch videos , play games , and more. ( There mite be a user on youtube that records and puts the icarly tv show on there channel )

In what Naruto episode of Naruto Shippuden did Sai put his arm around Naruto?

To be exact, it is in the double episode 57-58 of Naruto Shippuden. The episode is called Deprvied of Eternal Sleep. The scene where Sai puts his arm around Naruto, (hilarious) is about 7-8 minutes into the double episode.

Which episode from life is the scene where crews puts reese in shower?

Season 1 Episode 1

What is the Kim Possible episode when Ron puts on a ring and becomes muscular?

Episode 20: Ron the Man

What is the episode of the game where Derwin sings daddy puts in work?

The Commitments Season 2 like last minute of the episode

What is the name of the episode of the office where Dwight puts a bag over merideths head?

The episode is "Fun Run" from the fourth season.

What is the episode when Tracy Beaker puts a glove in a cake?

it is the one when that boy puts a glove in the cake because leyla is trying to get her brownies badge

What episode did Ranma said that Akane is cute after she put a bandit on Ranma?

Where Akane puts a bandaid on him, and he compliments her for being cute? That is episode 102 =].

When will naruto shippuden episodes 21 and up be dubbed?

When the company who puts the dubbed episode out dubs them.

Does raimundo love kimiko?

I would say he is interested in her. In an episode in season three he is in a dreaming state in his ideal mansion and Kimiko is there in a fancy kimono, but she turns into Wuya. In the same episode they he is at a movie theater in a dream with Kimiko and he puts is arm around her but then she changes into Hannibal Bean.

What is the Twilight Zone episode where a women puts food down a well and gets back coins?

It's actually an episode of Amazing Stories called "Thanksgiving".

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