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A manga is a comic book. A light novel is written in text, usually short, and with a few illustrations.

Both are different, but not as different. A light novels has less illustrations than a manga, but a manga shows pictures of how the action is shown. Light novels put words to show the action or what is happening

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Q: What is the difference between light novels and manga?
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Where can you read light novels manga free online?

Bakatsuki has some translations.

What is the difference between Maximum Ride and Maximum Ride manga?

Not very different, actually. You get to see what the characters' wings look like, and the manga omits certain parts of the novels. Each volume of the manga is less than a book. All in all, pretty much the same.

How do you say 'manga' in French?

manga in french is manga but graghic novels are 'les roman photos'

Is the anime the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya a manga?

The original source is a series of light novels, but there have been both a manga and anime based off of it. The manga can be read here:

What is the difference between Shugo Chara anime and the manga?

The Difference Is That The Manga Of Shugo Chara Is Ongoing And The Anime Stops At A Certain Episode.

Is sonic select a manga?

No, it is a series of graphic novels.

What are the alternatives of comics?

Manga , graphic novels , sequential art ,

Does infinite stratos anime or manga comes to an end?

First off, primarily Infinite Stratos is a light novel series. There are currently 7 novels, which can all be read on The anime will most likely get a second season later, and it is uncertain whether or not the author to the light novels will continue the series. The manga updates irregularly, and is currently on chapter 19.

Will there be an anime series for Artemis Fowl?

It is unlikely for Artemis Fowl to gain an anime series since most anime are adapted from manga and light novels.

Why are mangas better than novels?

It depends on which manga you're talking about and your personal opinion. For instance, I think that the Durarara!! novels are better than the manga, but other people think that the manga is better than the book. It all depends on how you look at it.

Where can you read the kingdom hearts novels online not the manga?

You can read it at

Is there any Toradora season 2?

It's not confirmed yet, but if you want, you could read the manga for now, since it's still ongoing. Or read the light novels.

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