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Art is when you draw your feelings out in philosophy you write out your feelings both are great ways to to express yourself

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What does aesthetics include

How does linear perspective help a flat canvas look like it has three dimensions

What did realist artists like Gustave Courbet try to do with their art

What is the primary goal of propaganda art

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Q: What is the connection between art and philosophy?
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What is the connection between art and science?

the word "and"

What has the author Virgil C Aldrich written?

Virgil C. Aldrich has written: 'Philosophy of Art (Foundations of Philosophy)' 'Philosophy of art' -- subject(s): Aesthetics, Art, Philosophy

What is the difference between existentialism and postmodernism?

Existentialism is a philosophy and postmodernism was an art form/movement

What is a classical line in art?

the connection between analytical (classical) line and static compositions

Is there connection between where rock art was found ans where pottery was found?


The field dedicated to asking the question what is art?

Philosophy of art

Which art school did Geoff Bunn go to?

He didnt study art at art school. He went to the universty of wales and studied philosophy. Conceptual art is like a branch of philosophy.

Why is philosophy is an art?

Because it can not be a science.

What is the philosophy art?

The school of thought dedicated to examining the question, "What is art?"

What is the phone number of the Philosophy Art Center in Lanesboro Minnesota?

The phone number of the Philosophy Art Center is: 507-467-0107.

What was Immanuel Kant's philosophy of art?

Immanuel Kant's philosophy of art was that it represents the inner desire for greatness. Many artists expressed their feelings for each other in their art.

What has the author Peter Goldie written?

Peter Goldie has written: 'The emotions' -- subject(s): Emotions (Philosophy) 'Who's Afraid of Conceptual Art?' -- subject(s): Philosophy, Art, Conceptual art, Aesthetics 'The Oxford handbook of philosophy of emotion' -- subject(s): Emotions (Philosophy)

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