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The best way to sell a pair of concert tickets would be the internet. Websites like Craigslist or Ebay can reach a large amount of people who might be interested in purchasing your tickets.

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Q: What is the best way to sell a pair of concert tickets?
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Where can I sell concert tickets?

The best place to sell your concert tickets would be on Stubhub. On Stubhub you will be able to post and sell you tickets very quickly.

What is the best place to sell concert tickets online?

It really depends on the type of tickets you have. The best sites online to sell tickets include and

Can you purchase concert tickets at boscovs?

Does boscovs sell concert tickets

Can you sell tickets for concerts on eBay?

Yes you can in fact sell concert tickets on eBay. It is not the best option for you though. It will be better if you sold them on StubHub.

Where can you sell concert tickets online?

Eventbrite, Ticket Liquidator and StubHub are some online websites where you can sell concert tickets. Another online website to sell tickets is TicketsNow.

Is selling concert tickets online legal?

Yes, it is legal to sell concert tickets online. You can sell them on sites like Craigslist.

Where do I get tickets to concerts?

Ticketmaster and StubHub sell concert tickets. You can also check with the venue that is holding the concert.

What type of tickets does the website Cheap Tickets sell?

The type of tickets that the website Cheap Tickets sell is just like other sites. They mostly sell Concert tickets, but they also sell sports tickets as well.

A concert sold out in 6 hours A total of 9000 tickets were sold for the concert At what rate did the tickets sell?

1500 tickets sold per hour.

Where can somebody find cheap tickets to a music concert?

You can find some cheap tickets in your local ticket shop, or you go to the concert and wait for someone to sell you a cheap ticket. that is the best way.

Where would you go if you were looking for concert tickets?

There are many websites that sell concert tickets, such as StubHub, Ticket Master, BuzzFeed. Concert tickets can also be purchased right at the event center.

Who is the richest celebrity on Disney Channel?

Miley Cyrus...her best concert sell-outs the tickets were $3,000 each

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