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My music collection, which spans all genres from classical to country, has 43,740 tracks ("songs") in 3,565 albums, for an average of 12.26 songs per album.

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Q: What is the average amount of songs on an album?
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On average how many megabytes are on a album?

An average album can range from around 80-150 megabytes in size. Album data size depends on the bitrate (quality) of the songs and the amount of songs on the album. This is why some albums may vary in size.

What is the average amount of songs on a thrash metal album?

In the 80's it was normally 8-10.

Do EP albums stay short or does the artist add more songs over time?

No, EP albums are too short to be a real album. They will stay the same because it is just an album with a short amount of songs. The artists can still add the songs from an EP album to a regular album, but the EP album still only has the amount of songs it had when it first came out.

How many songs can 32gb hold?

The amount of songs that a 32GB drive can hold depends on the size of the average file. However, if the songs are of average size, 32GB can hold about 3,500 songs.

What is a album and single?

well an album is is a bunch of songs put on a CD(the CD with all the songs is the album) and a single is just 1 song or 1 of the songs from an album

In which album are these songs?

well, what are the songs?!

What songs are in the album Exclusive by chris brown?

How many songs is on the album exclusive

When was Blue Songs - album - created?

Blue Songs - album - was created in 2009.

How many songs do marianas trench have?

There are 11 songs on their first album, 12 songs on their second album, 6 songs on their EP, 1 song that is not on an album, 3 extras on another album and 1 cover. Including the cover they did, they have 34 songs.

When was Campfire Songs - album - created?

Campfire Songs - album - was created in 2003-03.

How many songs are on Taylor Swift's album Red?

There are 16 songs on her album Red

How come on my iPod it says I only have one album but when I click on songs it shows me all of my songs?

An album is a collection of songs. Maybe you only have one album.

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