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Q: What is hank Williams jrs real first name?
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What country star changed his first name from Randall to Hank?

Hank Williams jr; his real name is Randall Hank Williams jr.

What was Hank Williams real name?

hram king williams

What was hank Williams sr's real name?

hram king williams

What is Hank Williams Jr's real name?


What is hank from cheaper by the dozens real name?

Hank's real name is Ashton Kutcher.

What year was Hank William's first no 1 song?

(I trust you are speaking of the one-and-only, real, authentic Hank and not that Junior guy, whose real name is Randall Hank.) Hank's first No.1 song was "Lovesick Blues," in 1949. It spent 42 weeks on the charts and 16 (some say 17) weeks at the top. This can be verified in numerous source works, Wikipedia among them. Or Google "Lovesick Blues" to find the whole interesting story about the song. No disrespect to Hank Jr. , but he could have saved the world a whole lot of confusion and trouble, just by using his own first name: Randy Williams. Also there are at least three book-length biographies in print, all of which are interesting, if in several respects not accurate: "Hank Williams:The Biography," "Lovesick Blues:The Life of Hank Williams" and "Still in Love With You" (by Hank's stepdaughter Lycrecia)

What is Hank Aaron's real name?

Hank Aaron's full name is Henry Louis Aaron.

What is Hank Aaron's real name?

Hank Aaron's full name is Henry Louis Aaron.

Who was Spencer Williams the composer first wife name?

Spencer Williams' wife's real name was Agnes Bage, but her stage name was Pat Castleton.

What is the rapper birdman's real name?

The rapper Birdman's real name is Bryan Williams.

What is Sonny bill Williams real name and where did he get it from?

His real name is actually Sonny bill Williams and his name comes from Samoa.

Stone colds real name?

His real name was Steven Williams, but in 2007 legally changed it to Steve Austin.

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