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Diary, by the group Bread, is one.

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Q: What is a song where a guy loves a girl but she loves someone else?
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What is a song about getting close to dating someone but being left for someone else at the last minute?

what about "tear drops on my guitar" by Taylor Swift she loves this guy but then hes going out with this other girl, he is all she thinks about.

When was Be Someone Else - song - created?

Be Someone Else - song - was created in 2009.

What are good song to sing for a girl Who loves indie?

the song Brown Skin by Indie

What kind of song is good for a girl who found out there crush has a girlfriend?

'Someone Like You' by Adele.Its a song about loving someone even though theyre with someone else, but you wish them all the best.This shows youre not bitter about the situation

What does Mitchel Musso's song wasn't your girlfriend mean?

its about a girl he liked who belonged to someone else close to him and how he stole her heart. there are rumors that the girl belonged to his brother.

What is a good song about a guy who loves a girl but she hates him?

breakeven by the script

Where can you find a love quote about a boy you love who has a girlfriend who you think loves you too?

"He loves her, and she loves him, and he loves somebody else, you just can't win" from the song "Love Stinks"

What does last Christmas mean in the song does it mean you are heartbroken and he does not like you is that what the song is about?

The girl broke his heart and now he's saying he won't give his love to her, but he'll give his love to someone who really loves him :) and sometimes its a girl singing too:D

What is the meaning of prince Royce song rechazame?

The meaning of Rechazame is that Royce has to reject his exes or someone he also loves // likes because he has a girl and the one person has a boyfriend

Does harry styles like the girl he filmed with in the song one direction?

yes.he loves her

What is a good song about a guy who loves a girl but she hates him besides break even?


What is the meaning of the song I Think I Love You?

just what it says, a guy thinks he loves a girl

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