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It is called a detective novel or a "Murder Mystery".

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Q: What is a genre that often includes detectives and a crime that must be solved?
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Which genre 's plot includes a problem that needs to be solved?


What is the name of film genre featuring hardboiled detectives?

Film noir.

Which genre includes characters that are convicts criminals or assassins?

True crime has such characters, and so do a lot of mysteries.

What is the genre of Skulduggery Pleasant?

Crime, Fantasy

Crime and Punishment genre?

Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment is considered a psychological drama.

What genre is killer hair?


What genre is the book conspiracy 365?

It is Crime fiction

What is the genre for the book The Lemonade Crime?

realistic fiction

What is the detective genre?

Genre of novel or short story in which a mystery is solved mainly by the action of a professional or amateur detective. Where the mystery to be solved concerns a crime, the work may be called crime fiction. The traditional formula for the detective story starts with a seemingly irresolvable mystery, typically a murder, features the astute, often unconventional detective, a wrongly accused suspect to whom the circumstantial evidence points, and concludes with a startling or unexpected solution to the mystery, during which the detective explains how he or she solved the mystery. The earliest work of detective fiction as understood today was 'The Murders in the Rue Morgue' (1841) by Edgar Allan Poe, and his detective Dupin became the model for those who solved crimes by deduction from a series of clues.

What is the genre of Sherlock Holmes and the baker street irregular?

crime fiction

What genre does Emily Dickinson write?

Emily Dickinson writes about crime

What genre of play is 'Zone' written by Marcel Dube?

it is a tragedy,romance and crime

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