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Scat is a form of early black music used by vocalists when they improvise.

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work songs(apex)
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Q: What is a form of early black music used by vocalists when they improvise?
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Which is a form of early black music used for vocalist when they improvise?


What are vocalists?

An vocalist uses his voice to make music. In other words an singer

The black music group Parliament played what type of music?

Funk, early hip hop.

Why did early jazz musicians improvise?

As many early jazz musicians were completely self-taught and often could not even read music, they were not bound by any formal music strictures or instrumental techniques when they played. Accordingly they"improved" a simple tune with those embellishments sounded good to them. Hence, the birth of improvisation.

What is the name of operatic music at the beginning of the WeatherTech TV commercial?

One of the ads features music from Bizet's Carmen. Does anyone know the one with the soprano vocalists?

What has the author Joseph Raymond Tobin written?

Joseph Raymond Tobin has written: 'Get to know music' 'Music box' 'How to improvise piano accompaniments' 'How to understand musical form' 'Music and the orchestra'

How does dance influence music?

Dance and music are the same concept. They both follow a beat and a tempo which both need. To put it simple: you can dance to some music and you can hum or improvise a tune when dancing.

Why do people like Carrie Underwood's music?

What's not to like? She sings better than most rock vocalists, that's for sure.

Does the didgeridoo have written music?

No. The Aborigines did not record music for the didgeridoo in any written form, so both indigenous and non-indigenous people in modern times improvise when they are playing.

When was Early Music Consort created?

Early Music Consort was created in 1967.

When was Early Music History created?

Early Music History was created in 1981.

Where does the blues originate from?

Blues came from early folk music played by blacks in the Delta region. Some of it came from Chicago. Another source for the music was black gospel.

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