What is a cool English dubbed anime?

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Q: What is a cool English dubbed anime?
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Is the Anime Kampfer in English dubbed?


Is there an English dubbed version of gravitation?

Yes , the anime series "Gravitation" has an English dubbed version .

Where can you legally watch Anime dubbed in English online?

Anime Crazy is a good site to watch Anime dubbed in English. Also, check out Watch Cartoon Online as well.

What are some anime sites with English dub?

Check out the Anime Crave website; they have tons of English-dubbed anime.

Where can you legally watch anime dubbed in English online for free? is a website where one can legally watch anime in English for free. It is subtitled not dubbed.

Where can you download English dubbed anime?

you dont have to download.... you can just go to and look at all the anime most of them are dubbed

What is dubbed anime?

It is the same anime, but it is in English(or another language) instead of Japanese.

Where can you legally watch Sky Girls anime dubbed in English online?

Sky Girls anime is not dubbed in English for online viewing on a legal distribution website. There are anime website that do dub which have no affiliation with the anime companies.

Where can one find clips of Anime with English dub?

Clips of Anime with English dub can be found on DubbedEpisodes. This is an online anime streaming resource library. It is Dubbed Episodes' goal to provide free english dubbed anime in an easy to watch environment.

What is a good English dubbed anime site?

If your looking for free legal english dubbed streams check out englishdubbedanime.

Is clannad in English dub?

"Clannad" anime series does have English dubbed episodes .

Where can you watch his and her circumstances online in English?

Most dubbed anime streaming sites such as gogo anime have the series available in English.

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