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Q: What is Pam microwaving in the Frame Toby episode of season 5 The Office?
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When did Jim buy Pam a house in the office?

Episode "Frame Toby" from Season 5

What is the name of the episode of NCIS in which Abby ties up Chip after he tries to kill her?

I believe it was in the episode titled Frame-Up; Season 3 episode 9.

Who was Goren's female nemesis on Law and Order Criminal Intent and in which episodes did she appear?

Goren's arch-nemesis was Nicole Wallace, played by Olivia d'Abo. She first appeared in 'Anti-Thesis' in 2002, season 2, episode 3; next is 'Grow' in 2005, season 5, episode 1; then in 'Slither' in 2005, season 5, episode 11; her final episode was 'Frame' in 2008, season 7, episode 22. The character was killed off in her final episode through a very strange and convoluted plot twist.

What episode does Toby flenderson hit someone in the office?

Toby never hits anyone in 'The Office' Perhaps you may mean 'hits on' as in flirts, and that occurred in 'Night Out' is Season 4 where Toby touches Pam on the leg while they wait in the building lobby to be let out of the parking lot. Also, Michael tries to get Toby fired by provoking him to punch him, along with Ryan and Kelly trying to persuade as well, but Toby refuses. This occurred in 'Frame Toby' in season 5.

What season A tried to frame Spencer of killing Alison?

It was Season 1 :)

How many times has tony DiNozzo been accused of murder?

Only once in the episode "Frame Up" where a female leg was found at a Marine base and Abby's new lab assistant who use to work for Baltimore PD until Dinozzo got him fired for mishandling evidence framed him.

What was the name of the Tom Wait song in the episode For Fanny from Bunheads?

Picture in A Frame

Who played female lieutenant in NCIS episode frame up?

Lindsay Price

What are the release dates for Doc Talk - 2006 Full Frame Episode 2 3-3?

Doc Talk - 2006 Full Frame Episode 2 3-3 was released on: USA: 15 July 2011

What are the release dates for Doc Talk - 2006 Full Frame Episode 1 3-2?

Doc Talk - 2006 Full Frame Episode 1 3-2 was released on: USA: 1 July 2011

How do you unlock the picture frame on office jerk?

By paying for it click on the picture frame and it will take you to the APP store and you pay for it

Is The Simpsons cell-based animation?

No. Since Season 13, The Simpsons is no longer created frame by frame using celluloid.