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Q: What is Justin biebers favorite track on the my world album?
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Does Justin Bieber's new album include the song Favorite Girl?

yes Justin biebers first album contains 7 or 8 songs determined on where you buy the CD favorite girl is on the CD track # 4

What is the track list of world 3.0 Justin bieber?

justin biebers hotness

What album is born to be somebody on by Justin bieber?

Born to be somebody is on the CD Never say Never- remixes its track 7 :) hope i helped love Justin Biebers biggest fan Sarah Taylor

What was Justin biebers first track on your world 2.0?

Baby ft. Ludacris

What is track 9 in your world the album by Justin Bieber?

Track 9 is Baby i think:)

When is Justin biebers fifth album coming out?

November 1st! It's going to be called 'Under The Mistletoe', his first track to be released is presumably titled 'Mistletoe' as not that long back he tweeted about be on the set of #mistletoe :-)

What is Track 9 on Justin Biebers new album 'My World'?

there is no track 9 only 1-8 1) one time 2) favorite girl 3) down to earth 4) bigger 5) one less lonely girl 6) love me 7) first dance featuring usher 8) one less lonely girl- french hope that helped charlotte838

What songs will be on justin biebers your world part2?

There is no you world 2. There is an album called My World 2.0 b Justin Bieber. The songs on it are: Baby Somebody to Love Stuck in the Moment U Smile Runaway Love Never Let You Go Overboard Eenie Meenie Up That Should Be Me and the Bonus Track: Kiss and Tell.

What Justin Bieber album is the song kiss and tell on?

Its on the My World 2.0 one but its a bonus track so you have to buy the whole album :) glad to answer

Who is singing my favorite things on the Victoria's secret commercial?

The track is by Avila. The album is "curtains."

What did Cher Lloyd say her favorite song was on the album?

Cher Lloyd has said her favourite songs from the album are Dub On The Track and Over The Moon.

What track is indestructable on the disturbed album?

It is track 1 on the album 'indestructible'.

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