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Edward Cullen drives a "shiny silver Volvo," in which Bella usually sits in the front, with Alice in the back seat. Edward often holds the door open for Bella.

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Q: What is Edward Cullen's everyday car?
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What did Bella get for 19th birthday from Cullens?

a cottage from all the cullens and the key to the after car from edward

What is Edward Cullens car in new moon?


Where can you get Edward Cullens car?

In the movie, Twilight, Edward Cullens drove a Volvo. Volvo did an advertising campaign featuring Twilight. Edward also had a Aston Martin V12 Vanquish for special occasions.

What are the cullens?

In Twilight, the Cullens are Edward's (Robert Pattinson ) family.

What do the Cullens' get Bella for her birthday in Breaking Dawn?

They reconstruct a cottage for Edward and Bella that's close by to the Cullen house and Edward gets her her "after car"

Who is the fastest from the Cullens?

Edward is the fastest

How did edward know Bella found out the cullens and hales secret and why?

Because in the car after the restaurant, she told him that she knew and they talked about it.

Which is edwerd Cullens city name?

Edward Cullens lives in Forks, Washington.

What does the Cullens Give Bella for her 19 birthday?

A small cottage for her and Edward to keep Renesmee in and have a house all to themselves for their 2nd honeymoon. While she and Edward were on their honeymoon on Isle Esme, the rest of the Cullens built and restored it. Along with that, Edward gives her a brand new red Ferrari as her "after" car.

What did the cullens give Bella for her birthday in breaking dawn?

A little cottage. And Edward gave Bella her "after" car which was a red farrari.

Who is edward Cullens soulmate?

Edward Cullen's soulmate is Bella Swan.

What were Edward Cullens parents called?

Elizabeth Masen and Edward Masen

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