What is Bella's favorite gemstone?

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In Twilight we find out that Bella's favorite gemstone was garnet, until she met Edward. Her favorite gemstone after meeting him was topaz, the same color as his eyes.

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Q: What is Bella's favorite gemstone?
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What is Bella and Edward's favorite song?

Bellas lullaby

What is Kristen Stewarts favorite gemstone?

i don't remember but i think in the book twilight shes says her favorite gemstone is amber.

What was Bellas favorite gemstone before she met Edward?

Prior to meeting Edward Cullen, Bella Swan's favourite gemstone was obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass that she stumbled upon while vacationing in Hawaii with her mother Renée. Bella was enticed by the rich colour of the gemstone and her mother bought her a ring with two small stones of obsidian embedded into the surface on her twelfth birthday, which she can be seen frequently wearing in the movie Twilight.

What is bellas favorite color?

In the first book, twilight, she states that her favorite colour changes from day to day depending on her mood.

Bellas favorite eye color on edward?

a golden topaz. preferably liquid like.

What is Bella's favorite gemstone prior to meeting edward?


What is the birth name of Miles Bellas?

Miles Bellas's birth name is Anthony Miles Bellas.

How tall is Thomas Bellas?

Thomas Bellas is 6'.

What is bellas favorite colour?

well in the book it says that her favorite color is brown but then she says that her color changes when edward's eye color changes like when his mood changes.

What is bella swans favorite music?

in Twilight her favorite song is "bellas lulaby." In New Moon she doesn't like any music because it reminded her of edward when he left her.

When was Bruce Bellas born?

Bruce Bellas was born in 1909.

When did Bruce Bellas die?

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