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it sill plays on tv. on the womens channel. it might be on channel 62.

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Q: What happened to the show friends?
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What happened to the return of the TV show Friends?

There was never a plan for a Friends reunion show. Although there were rumors of a movie, there are no official plans in the near future for a reunion.

Are Bella Thorne and Zendaya really best friends?

I believe that they met on the show and are portraying to be best friends. It is highly unlikely that they really were bets friends outside of the business world and just happened to get a role in a show that they both wanted to do as "best friends".

Why would a girl show her friends your texts?

Because girls like to share things with each other, like secrets. If something interesting happened then her friends would never forgive her for not telling them as soon as it happened!

What happened to Shawn from the Barney and friends show?

Shawn and Tosha appeared in Any Way You Slice It or Ship Ahoy?

When did Disney Friends happen?

Disney Friends happened in 2007.

When did Friends for Sale happen?

Friends for Sale happened in 2007.

Are batista and big show friends?

batista and big show are not friends and PS big show would kick his but. In real life yes they are friends.

On Facebook do the most recent viewers of your profile show up as the friends on the page?

No it does not show you your viewers and the people that show up as your friends the most can be changed. You click the little pencil by the friends box. It lets you edit how many friends you want your profile to show, and which specific friends. :)

Which tv show is better Chuck or Friends?

of course friends

Are Hannah and lola friends?

They are best friends on the show.

Is friends a girly show?

I have not seen the viewer breakdown but in my opinion Friends is definitely a "girly" show.

When did the television show 'Friends' end?

The television show Friends ended on May 6th 2004. The show aired 10 seasons.

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