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Ragtime music is a type of jazz

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Q: What genre of music is ragtime?
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Is a violin in ragtime?

"Ragtime" Is a genre of music/high tempo speed [sometimes]. A violin could play ragtime. But it is not in ragtime.

How do you play chase music on piano?

Chase music is usually ragtime - you might want to check out that genre, and its characteristics

Where did ragtime music originate from?

Ragtime music originated from African-American communities in the late 19th century, descending from the jigs and march music played by black bands. It began as dance music in the red-light districts in cities such as St Louis and New Orleans, before becoming a popular music genre published as sheet music for piano. An example of popular ragtime music is the 1899 publication of the song 'Maple Leaf Rag' by ragtime composer Scott Joplin.

What does ragtime mean in musical terms please?

It's the music genre from the early 20th centure. i.e 1900 - 1910

What was another name for ragtime?

Ragtime MUSIC. :)

Why is ragtime music called ragtime?

It has been suggested that 'ragtime' is possibly a shortening of 'ragged' which refers to the rhythmic inbalance of the music

What are facts about ragtime music?

Ragtime is a musical :P

Who pioneered classical ragtime music?

Scott Joplin pioneered classical ragtime music.

What was ragtime music usually used for?

Ragtime music was used for dancing just like blues.

Did ragtime influence any musical genre?

Certainly. A thing cannot exist and not affect those things around it. While ragtime is largely in class or genre by itself, it shares elements with bluegrass (Appalachia music), country, rock, jazz, and soul. It influenced and has been influenced largely by marches and jigs (a form of African-American folk music)

Where did they get the name ragtime?

The name ragtime came from the syncopated, or "ragged" rhythms that occur in ragtime music.

Scott Joplin was famous for writing in what jazz genre?


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