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a combination of mostly aikido, combined with ju-jitzu and shinto-riu karate

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2012-05-28 14:30:32
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Q: What fighting style does steven seagal know?
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Was Steven Seagal a navy seal?

If he was or is in the military we would never know because he would be the top secret type i definitely believe he is because steven drove a tank in some person's property and killed there chickens

What is Batman best know for?

Batman is best known for his fighting style.

Should the actor Steven Segal been appointed a law enforcement officer in real life?

no, as it will be hard for people to know if he is a real cop or not. It looks like a conflict of interest. Steven Seagal is a law enforcement officer. He hold the position of a reserve deputy sheriff in Louisianan.

What famous people know aikido?

Stephen Seagal is a Aikido master.

Who's the girl in white dress that Steven Seagal meets in a Jamaican night club in the movie 'marked for death'?

It took a little while for me to find it, but I did. It's Sandra Canning. Love the ways she moved in that movie !!! = =

I need to know what to name my created fighting style. It invlove kicking thrusts dodging and countering. Oh and you also have to be quick on your feet. What do i name it?

Maybe Rabbit style?

How would someone train with Steven Seagal?

Seagal has done a lot for the Aikido community, however he is a star, and usually with that, its all about money. Seagal has established a few dojo. The Ten Shin Dojo. There are a few around. I dont know if he still does it or not but usually the dojo will pay for his expenses for him to come out and teach for a day or two. There is Ten Shin Dojo of Oregon, Los Angeles, and a few others. Seagal usually is making movies once a year and that takes up a lot of time. You would probably have to join a Ten Shin Dojo in hopes to one day train with him. Other than that, I think he lives on a ranch somewhere and he probably gives private lessons.

What contributed to the fighting style of the plains indians?

I know youre actually a Heirl or Pittard student. But I think it's horses introduced by the Spanish.

Why is there voice over in Attack Force?

From IMDB Trivia tab: Screenwriter 'Joe Halpin' is quoted in the book "Seagalogy: The Ass Kicking Films of Steven Seagal" as saying that "Attack Force" had originally been written and filmed as "Harvester," a sci-fi/horror movie with Seagal and his men battling an invading force of vampire space aliens. After Seagal, Halpin and director Michael Keusch had delivered the finished sci-fi film, the production and distribution company decided to eliminate the sci-fi space-alien elements and replace them with another plot having about a super-addictive drug that turns its users into superhuman killers. They called back a few of the lower-paid actors for re-shoots, re-dubbed the majority of Seagal's dialog via ADR, totally re-edited the film and changed it into the "Attack Force" we know today. Seagal and Halpin were not involved.

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hey i dont know

What was the fighting style that the character Suan Parades played by Michelle Qissi used in Bloodsport?

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