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sonic and amy dont actually kiss amy blows a bunch of stix of hay out of sonics ear

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โˆ™ 2012-05-04 19:54:22
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Q: What episode of the Japanese version of Sonic X do Sonic and Amy kiss?
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In the japanese version which episode do sonic and amy kiss?

in episode 14

Do sonic and Amy kiss in sonic x?

in the Japanese version.

In which episode do sonic and Amy kiss?

in the japeneese version of sonic x

What episode do sonic and Amy kiss in Japanese version in sonic x?

I don't know too much about it that's actually most likely what I'm tryng to find out. People usually say they do in the last episode of Sonic X ( Japanese Version) but I didn't see anything.

Does Sonic and Amy kiss in the Japanese version?

sonic runs away from amy

Did sonic and Amy kiss in sonic x?

They kissed but only in the Japanese version.

In Sonic X does Sonic kiss Amy?

Yes they do kiss in Sonic X, but it's only in the Japanese version.

What episode of Sonic x in Japanese did Sonic and Amy kiss?

There aren't any episodes where Amy and Sonic kissed.

Did knuckles and rouge kiss in sonic x?

Yes. In the Japanese version sonic x episode 52. It wasn't shown on screen and in the English version she was tickling him. Seriously watch the episode and listen to the background noises in the Japanese version. I'm not kidding look it up on Knuckles' sonic x Möbius encyclopedia page it will say that Rouge was kissing him. YAY KNOUGE FTW!!!

In what episode does tails and cream kiss?

Tails and Cream are characters from an anime series 'Sonic X'. They kiss in episode 65. It is originally in Japanese.

What episode did sonic kiss sally in Sonic the Hedgehog?

In Sonic SatAM they kiss at the end of the final episode, "The Doomsday Project"

Did sonic kissed Amy in sonic x?

Actually,Sonic never did kiss Amy.I just finished watching the last episode and not in one episode did sonic kiss Amy.

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