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She begins to like Naruto in the first episode of Naruto Shippuden. She then begins to care for Naruto more and more as Naruto Shippuden continues.

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Q: What episode does Sakura realize that she likes Naruto?
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What episode does Naruto tell Sakura that he likes her?

he doesnt sakura admits that she likes naruto

In what episode does Sakura tell Naruto she likes him?

Episode 206.

What episode in Naruto Shippuden does Sakura tell Naruto that she likes him?

sakura tells naruto that dhe lokes him in ep 206 "sakura's feelings"

Does Hinata know that Naruto likes Sakura?

I am pretty sure because in the episode she sees naruto tryin to impress sakura.

Who is Naruto's girl?

Sakura likes Sasuke Naruto likes Sakura Hinata likes Naruto

What episode did naruto say he like somebody?

in the very first episode he already shows he likes sakura.

Did Naruto like Sakura?

Naruto still likes Sakura.

What episode does Naruto like Sakura?

Pretty much the first episode of Naruto. He likes her right off the bat when they are in Ninja Academy together.

Does Naruto get together with anyone?

well naruto likes sakura but sakura likes saskae and saskae hates everyone and lee likes sakura and hinata loves naruto. Not yet.

What is Naruto girlfriend?

Did You Mean 'Who Is Naruto's Girlfriend?' Naruto Does Not Have One. He Likes Sakura, But Sakura Likes Sasuke. I Do Not Understand The Question Really.

Who is Sakura in Naruto?

Sakura is a girl in naruto's team and class. Naruto likes her and that is why he was jealous of Sasuke. Sakura often hits Naruto when she thinks he is stupid. Ever since Sasuke left for Orochimaru, Sakura has been closer to Naruto. I dont know but i think sakuara likes Naruto but i think she likes sasuke two but bye the time he comes back skaura i think falls in love with Naruto but it is confusing just have to wait to the last episode.

Does Naruto like tenten?

no she likes neji

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