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he doesnt sakura admits that she likes naruto

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2011-01-06 00:13:33
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Q: What episode does Naruto tell Sakura that he likes her?
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In what episode does Sakura tell Naruto she likes him?

Episode 206.

What episode in Naruto Shippuden does Sakura tell Naruto that she likes him?

sakura tells naruto that dhe lokes him in ep 206 "sakura's feelings"

In what episode does Sakura tell Naruto she loves him?

Sakura tells Naruto that she loves him in Naruto Shippuden Episode 206: Sakura's Feelings. In the manga, it was Naruto Shippuden Chapter 469: Sakura's Confession.

Does Sakura tell Naruto she likes him?

yes episode 849 might be here also sorry American narusaku fans

When does Sai tell Sakura that Naruto loves her?

Its episode 201.

Which episode does sakura tell Sasuke she prefers naruto more?

She never did, it's only that in Naruto Shipudden Sakura's bond with Naruto is stronger but she always loved Sasuke and if you watch the Episode when Team 7 get to know each other Sakura says that her dream is to marry Sasuke and she loves him(not only likes him) and She said that she hates Naruto

In what episode does Naruto tell Hinata that he likes her?

Naruto never tell Hinata that he likes her. However, Hinata tells Naruto she likes him in episode 437, titled Confessions.

In which episode in Naruto Shippuden did Sai tell Sakura that Naruto loves her?

Sai tells Sakura that Naruto loves her in Naruto Shippuden episode 201. He goes on to tell her how bad she has been hurting Naruto, because Naruto will not quit on any promises that she holds him to.

Which Naruto shippuden episode did Hinata tell Naruto she likes him?

in the episode "confessions'

In what episode of Naruto Shippuden did Naruto tell Hinata he loved her?

He never really tells her that he loves her back because he likes Sakura but he does like her as a friend and will protect her and the village.

What episode does Pakkun tell Sakura she uses dog shampoo?

it was in naruto episode 72

Which naruto episode does sasuke tell sakura that he has feelings for her?

he never tells her.

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