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The dead airman represents the world outside the confines of the island. He is the proof that life is going on in the world outside. He is essentially the message from the world of adults which Ralph had wished for in the preceeding chapter of the book. Unfortunately he was a message which was misread. The body should have reinforced Ralphs message of keeping a fire going in order to get rescued, by reminding the boys of the existence of the world beyond the island. But the body was mistaken for the beast, which undermined Ralph's authority and turned the boys thoughts inwards and away from the outside world and the possibility of rescue.

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2009-10-24 22:17:37
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Q: What does the dead pilot in Lord of the Flies represent?
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What is the dead pilot attached to in lord of the flies?

A Parachute

What does Simon say the beast is in the lord of the flies?

The dead pilot.

The behavior of man in the Lord of the Flies?

The only "man" in the novel "Lord of the Flies" was a dead pilot who landed on the mountain top.

In lord of the flies who finds the dead pilot?

Technically one of the littluns finds the dead pilot hense the "monster" in the book but Simon is the one who figures out he is not a monster and instead the dead pilot from the plane

In Lord of the Flies chapter 9 what does Simon find on the mountain?

The dead body of the pilot and his parachute.

Who first sees the dead pilot in lord of the flies?

jack,ralph,and roger are the first one to see thee dead pilot thinking it was the beast later on simon goes and realizes that it is no beast but a dead pilot

Who sees the beast from the air first in the lord of the flies?

No one. It was a dead pilot. Once he landed, Simon saw him (while walking around) and noticed that he was a dead pilot.

What do the dead bodies drifting off into sea represent in the lord of the flies?

Seth from rdr

What do they find at the top of the mountain in lord of the flies?

They find the body of the dead airplane pilot with his parachute still attached.

In the Lord of the Flies what happen to the grownups?

They all died in the crash. Also, the "Beastie" is the dead body of the pilot. It doesn't explain the crash well in the beginning.

What does Simon do with the pilots dead body in the lord of the flies?

He unties the parachute from the pilot. Than the pilot is blown by the wind into the surf. Then, as is Simon's body, it is carried out to sea by the tides, but not before it again terrifies the boys.

Are the adults to blame for the barbaric events that occur in 'Lord of the Flies'?

There are no adults present in "Lord of the Flies" apart from the dead body of the pilot. The upbringing of the boys is not responsible for their actions, the problem lies deeper than that, with the primal presence of the beast within.

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