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a dead parachutists

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Yes, it does

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Q: What does Simon discover on the top of the mountain?
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In Lord of the Flies what do the boys discover about their surroundings?

Ralph, Jack and Simon climb to the top of the mountain, early in the novel, and discover that they are on an island.

When Simon goes to the mountain what does he discover?

the man in the parachute

What do simon and eric claim they have seen on the mountain top?

The Beast or Beastie.

What do Simon Eric claim they have seen on the mountain top?

They think they see the beast robert m squash

What happens to the figure on the mountain top?

The corpse of the pilot (with his parachute) was washed away along with Simon's corpse.

Why does Simon suggest going back to the mountain?

Simon suggested it because, in his own words, "What else is there to do?" Simon could not bring himself to believe in the existence of a winged creature with teeth and claws that was unable to catch Samneric. To Simon the whole story made no sense and the only sensible option was to go to the mountain and discover just exactly what it was that Samneric had really seen.

What does Simon do on top of the mountain in lord of the flies?

He climbs the mountain after an epileptic seizure to seek the truth. He does finds out that the 'beast' is actually just a dead parachutist.

What do Simon and Eric claim they seen on the mountain top in lord of the flies?

They claimed they have seen the beast, but it was actually a dead parachutist.

What did scientists use to discover underwater mountain ranges?

Sonar Raders were used to discover "underwater mountain ranges"

What did Simon fraser discover?

he found the fraser river

What year did Simon Bolivar discover Bolivia?


Who is the one who discover decimal fraction?

Simon Steven

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