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you get a diamond and pearl guide book. or go to and go to the Video Games section click diamond and pearl and try to find it

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2008-10-08 12:18:00
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Q: What do you do when you see your friend after you go to acuity lakefront?
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What do you do after when you see your friend you go to acuity lakefront?

Go to Valor Lakefront :P

Where to go after the 7th gym leader?

go to acuity lakefront and talk to your friend

You beat the seventh gym leader but you went to lakefront valor but theres nothing tere?

i also need help on this one- except instead of going to valor lakefront i went to acuity lakefront and my 'friend' was there and he told me to go to sunnyshore!!!??? I had the same problem! But then I discovered I hadn't beaten the Galactica guys at the Verity Lakefront yet. When you defeat them at the Verity Lakefront, they move to the Acuity Lakefront. Then they DO stand there.

How do get to acuity lakefront?

you go to snowpoint city and you walk through and battle all of the trainers then you walk up to the top and there will be a place were you use strength and you go up there and there is acuity lakefront

Where do you go after you saw you friend with a team galactic commander at acuity lakefront?

you go to the lab in vielstone city the person at the front gives you the galacitic key

Where to go to when you see commander Jupiter at acuity lakefront?

you go to the 3 lake and the man standing there should not be there is near velistone city

In Pokemon diamond where can you find your rival at acuity lakefront?

go in the lake enterance and he or she should be there.

In Pokemon platinum how do you get to acuity lakefronf?

go to snowpoint city and go to the sailor. Dont talk to him. Go left to some stairs and it will get you to acuity lakefront. But to get to the lake, you'd have to go north until you can see a place that you can use rock climb. Use it. Go left until yo see a break in a tree. Go into that break and you will enter lake acuity

How do you find Uxie in Pearl?

after you capture palkia fly to snowpoint city and go left tell you get to acuity lakefront go in to where you can see the lake surf on the water and capture it

Where is your friend after you see him at lake acuity on Pokemon plaitnum?

go to snowpoint city ;)

How do you get to acuity lakefront on Pokemon diamond?

go out of the area with team galactic are standing some where (my brother done it for me)

How do you get to Acuity lakefront from celestic town?

Use a Pokemon to Fly to Acuity Lakefront from Celestic Town. If you don't want to Fly whatsoever, then go west into the tallest mountain, and then going north all the way, then past the whole snow and blizzard.

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