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Jingle (APEX)

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Q: What do you call music that goes with a TV or radio commercial?
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How does music travel from the radio to the music you hear?

by the wires and then when the radio is on the music travels to the wires and the music goes out the speaker and then you could hear the music

What area goes by the radio call sign KISS FM?

The KISS FM radio call sign is issued to a radio station in San Antonio, Texas by the Federal Communications Commission. This network is known for playing mainstream rock music.

What is the name of the actress in the Verizon commercial where she goes to Paris?

I don't know who she is, but I think that she plays Penelope in the Radio Shack commercial where the guy turns his records into .mp3's.

What kind of music does Cool FM play?

Research has shown that Cool FM is a commercial radio station that is based in Northern Ireland. The music played on Cool FM is usually pop based and usually plays new music. Older classics are played once a week on the night show "Cool Goes Quiet".

What is the music in the PBS commercial with Big Bird?

Rachel Portman's "Wally Goes to War" from the Cider House Rules.

What do music producers do to get their music played?

They pay radio stations to play the music line ups the producers want.AnswerPaying cash to play music on the radio is called payola. There was a big legal battle in the 1950s and people went to jail for that. It is illegal to do that, but some think it goes on.I think it mostly has to do with who they know and they call all the time to ask their friends to promote their music. I think they party together and do favors and get people backstage at shows and meet celebrities and stuff like that.

What is the background music for the official iPad introduction video?

Well the first iPad commercial featured "there goes my love" by theblue vans. And the 30 second commercial I believe is just an instrumental.

Who is the artist that sings the song in the new Subaru Impreza commercial goes... I want to go for a drive with the radio on?

Explosicon by the Eggmen

What is the song in radio shack commercial that goes something like trying to get my life together?

It's either called "Get My Life Together" or "Flake Out" by Jackpot.

Who sings the song that goes now and then featured in the CTIA TV commercial?

More than This - Roxy Music

What is the song where in the music video the artist a black guy and a girl are singing in a music studio and it is broadcast over the radio then everyone starts dancing to it?

Its the song where a black guy and girl sing in a studio and it goes over the radio and people that hear it start to dance. Hope this helps. Thanks.

Where has Richie Neale been you heard he was on the radio?

I heard him on the Radio 103.5 not long ago he goes by the name Filthy rich now.. He's been making music for the past 10 years he's about to release .. check his site out at

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