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De Arte saltanda et choreas ducendi

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Q: What dance treatise was written by domenico da Piacenza?
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Who discover ballet dance?

domenico di piacenza

What is Da Arte Saltanda et Choreas Ducendi about?

Domenico da Piacenza in 1416 published the first European dance manual, De arte saltandi et choreas ducendi ("On the Art of Dancing and Directing Choruses")

Can you translate French L'OrchΓ©sographie to English?

"L'Orchesographie"is the name of a treatise on French renaissance dance written by Thoinot Arbeau. As it is a title and a proper noun, there is no translation to English.

Where the word ballet came from?

The word ballet appeared to originate in 1416 Domenico di Piacenza wrote "On the Art of Dancing and Conducting Dances" (De Arte Saltandi ed Choreas Ducendi) Domenico di Piacenza described the components of various dances and divided them into 12 movements ie. nine natural and three artificial. He named four types of danse in accelerating tempi These were the stately Basse danse; the Quadrilena; the Saltarello; and the vigorous bagpipe dance called the Piva. The Basse danse was the basis for many variations known as Balli. His use of the Italian word 'ballo' instead of 'danza', to describe the choreography meant his dances subsequently became known as baletti or balli, (singular: balletto).

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What has the author D G Dance written?

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